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What Our Patients Say 5
What Our Patients Say 5 150 150 Cosmetic Dentists | Parkside Dental Team

I was terrified of the dentist, so for a long time, I avoided my regular dental checkups altogether. After years of neglect, I was ashamed of the way my smile looked, so I decided to check into Cosmetic Dentistry.

I chose Parkside Dental Team because of the understanding nature and professionalism of the entire staff. They didn’t judge me; they just wanted to help me feel better about myself.

Dr. Cohen gave me the works—bridges, crowns, and veneers—but because I was under sedation, I felt no pain and I never heard the dreaded drill.
Today I look and feel better than I could have ever imagined. Dr. Cohen and Dream Dentistry transformed my embarrassing smile into a picture-perfect smile that shines! Being single, I now get second looks from the ladies.

Donald D.

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What Our Patients Say 4 150 150 Cosmetic Dentists | Parkside Dental Team

I used to worry a lot about my dental work. My partial didn’t fit very well and it moved around quite a bit. I was afraid it would break or even fall out while I was eating or talking. Then I met Dr. Cohen.

Dr. Cohen helped me overcome my dental phobia and replaced my loose partial with a permanently cemented bridge. Now I don’t worry about my dental work anymore and I’m no longer embarrassed to smile.

I’m very pleased with the care I received at Parkside Dental Team. Dr. Cohen, Dr. Seir, and the entire staff were very caring and attentive to my needs and concerns. At Parkside Dental Team, I never felt like I was just another patient; it was more like I was visiting family.

My wife is also a new patient at Parkside and we’ve recommended Parkside Dental Team to all our friends and family. Parkside is the best!

Patrick L.

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What Our Patients Say 3 150 150 Cosmetic Dentists | Parkside Dental Team

I was unhappy with my smile, but never considered Cosmetic Dentistry before. It wasn’t until I met and talked with Dr. Cohen that I even realized what Cosmetic Dentistry could do for me.

I received caps and veneers and it was all very easy. I’m definitely not self-conscious about smiling anymore and I have a new outlook on life.

I’ve recommended Parkside Dental Team to all my friends and family because I really trust the staff and the friendly attitude and family atmosphere are very comforting

Tim W.

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What Our Patients Say 2 150 150 Cosmetic Dentists | Parkside Dental Team

I had my teeth capped for the first time in the early 1980’s. Back then I thought my caps looked alright, but after 10 years I began to notice that my smile didn’t look anything like what today’s technology could produce.

A coworker suggested I schedule a visit with Dr. Cohen. She was a new patient of his and guaranteed I would love him. She was right! I’ve always been a wreck at the dentist, but Dr. Cohen’s gentleness and optimism were so reassuring that I wasn’t even afraid.

My treatment included root canals, gum surgery, permanent bridges, and a dental cleaning. I opted for the Dream Dentistry and I never felt a thing–before, during, and after—what a concept! Dream Dentistry is definitely what got me through the long appointments and extensive procedures.

It’s a great feeling to laugh and smile without trying to hide my teeth. I used to be jealous of other people’s great smiles. Now I’ve got a great smile of my own!

Maureen O.

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What Our Patients Say 1 150 150 Cosmetic Dentists | Parkside Dental Team

No matter how much I brushed, I couldn’t get my teeth white enough. I tried pastes, strips, and trays, but nothing gave me the results I wanted. Then I tried Zoom! Whitening. After only an hour, my smile looked amazing. I couldn’t believe how well Zoom! worked! My boyfriend says my new white smile makes my face glow; my twin sister says she’s jealous!

Sarah T.