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Dedicated to helping your whole family maintain healthy smiles

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It’s time to get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted

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Westland, MI Dentist

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We offer a full range of dental makeover options, and we’ll work with your busy schedule. Ask us about veneers and teeth whitening and how we can maximize your dental insurance. We also provide teeth whitening, braces and dental implants.

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Cosmetic Dentists Westland, MI | Parkside Dental Team

Dedicated to helping your whole family maintain healthy smiles

We provide affordable dental care for the whole family. Whether you need to schedule your child’s first dental visit or learn how aging affects your oral health, you can count on our dentists’ combined experience in family dentistry. Your smile says a lot about your personality.

We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services to restore the appearance of your smile. During your consultation with one of our dentists, we’ll help you explore your options including teeth whitening, teeth bonding, and Invisalign clear aligners. We also offer tooth replacement options to replace missing teeth.

Call today to schedule your smile makeover. We pride ourselves for being able to offer most dental procedures in-house. This means you don’t have to deal with the hassle of being referred to specialists.

Whether you need dental implant surgery or wisdom tooth extraction, we have the appropriate training and experience to care for your smile. We use the latest dental technology to make sure our patients have the best experiences in the dentist’s chair. Our dentists are dedicated to helping the whole family maintain healthy smiles. To schedule your appointment with one of our Westland dentists, call Parkside Dental Team at (734) 261-6060.

Dr. Steven Cohen, Dr. Daniel Rogers, Dr. Ricardo Seir, and Dr. Sam Cohen and their staff can fix chipped, cracked or stained teeth with gorgeous porcelain dental veneers or tooth bonding. At Parkside Dental Team we also have years of experience with natural-looking porcelain crowns and tooth-colored composite fillings.

Westland, MI Dentist
Westland, MI Dentist
Westland, MI Dentist
Westland, MI Dentist
Westland, MI Dentist
Westland, MI Dentist

Dental Services for the Whole Family

We have experience treating patients of all ages.

To schedule your appointment with one of our cosmetic dentists, call Parkside Dental Team at (734) 261-6060.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to make an appointment with us is the way that’s most convenient for you! Please feel free to call us at (734) 261-6060, or feel free click here to send us a message or schedule your visit.

At Parkside Dental Team, we are a family-focused practice in every sense of the word. Not only do we offer a full range of cosmetic and restorative treatment options for adult patients, but our dentists are highly qualified to provide pediatric dentistry treatment, as well. No matter the age of the patient, we provide comprehensive dental care in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Absolutely. It’s normal to feel some nerves before dental treatment, and it’s also not uncommon for dental anxiety to prevent patients from going to the dentist all together. We’ve taken great measures to create an environment that’s comfortable and relaxing for our patients. 

If you feel nervous, please let us know so that we can help you feel more at ease. We also offer sedation dentistry, which allows our patients to remain conscious but fully relaxed for the duration of their visit with us.

Teeth grinding, commonly known as bruxism, is a fairly common issue that can cause discomfort, headaches, and poor sleep. Though common, teeth grinding can be a serious problem. 

It’s important to properly address the issue before it causes permanent damage to the teeth or jaw.  We’ll be happy to discuss ways to reduce grinding. If you’d like, we can fit you with a customized night guard to cushion and protect your teeth at night.