Cone Beam CT Scans

What is a Cone Beam CT Scan?

A Cone Beam CT Scan, also known as CBCT, is an advanced dental imaging technique that uses a specialized X-ray machine to take 3D images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone in the head and neck.

Unlike traditional dental X-rays that provide a 2D image, CBCT allows Dr. Cohen and his team at Parkside Dental in Westland, MI, to visualize a complete 3-dimensional representation of the area being scanned with extreme precision and accuracy down to the smallest details.

The CBCT scanner circles around the patient’s head, taking hundreds of images that a computer reconstructs into a highly detailed 3D model. This technology is useful for complex cases, providing Dr. Cohen with intricate views that simply can’t be achieved from traditional X-rays.

Why use CBCT as opposed to just an X-ray?

While traditional dental X-rays serve an important diagnostic purpose, they have limitations. Standard X-rays provide a flattened two-dimensional view of 3D structures. This means that vital information can be lost.

CBCT offers distinct advantages over traditional X-rays:

  • CBCT produces 3D volumetric scans, not flat 2D images. This results in significantly more diagnostic information to help Dr. Cohen develop the optimal treatment plan.
  • CBCT images have much higher resolution and provide clear views of hard and soft tissues that simply can’t be achieved with basic X-rays.
  • CBCT exposes the patient to significantly less radiation versus traditional X-rays.
  • CBCT allows for extremely accurate measurement and diagnostics down to a fraction of a millimeter precision.

For these reasons, Dr. Cohen utilizes CBCT scans regularly at his Westland, MI, dental clinic when assessing candidates for implants, root canals, wisdom tooth extraction, and surgery.

What can CBCT help detect?

CBCT is invaluable for identifying issues that wouldn’t be apparent on conventional X-rays. At Parkside Dental in Westland, MI, Dr. Cohen uses advanced CBCT technology to detect:

  • Early signs of tumors, cysts, infections, bone disease, and other anomalies
  • Precise location of impacted, missing, or extra teeth
  • Complete analysis of teeth, roots, bone, and the maxillary sinus before extraction or implants
  • Exact positioning of nerves, arteries, and veins before surgery
  • Accurate measurements for the fabrication of implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures
  • Fractures and bone loss associated with trauma or pathology
  • Intricate views of root canals, tooth decay, and gum disease

Simply put, CBCT provides Dr. Cohen with extraordinarily detailed 3D images offering valuable diagnostic information so he can provide optimal treatment to patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving a CBCT scan is fast, easy, and completely painless. You’ll sit upright while the machine rotates around your head for roughly 20 seconds. No anesthesia or other preparations are required.

CBCT technology emits significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays, and exposure is extremely minimal. All precautions are taken to keep rays focused on the area being examined.

Metal dental work is easily visualized on the 3D images and does not interfere with capturing high-quality scans. The CBCT machine adjusts accordingly to differentiate natural structures versus dental materials.

Your CBCT data can be uploaded immediately following your scan. A specialized radiologist will review your images and provide a treatment plan based on the findings within your appointment or shortly thereafter.

The Future of Dental Imaging is Here

Don’t live another day worrying and wondering about your oral health. Parkside Dental in Westland, MI, offers CBCT scans providing a powerful 3D diagnostic view enabling the detection of dental issues otherwise undiscoverable by traditional methods. Take control and schedule a CBCT scan today by calling Parkside Dental at (734) 261-6060


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Cone Beam CT Scan