Sedation Dentistry

Frequently Asked Questions

When most people think of sedation dentistry, they think of dental anxiety. It’s true: most of our patients request sedation because they’re nervous or even fearful of dental treatment — especially if they’ve had bad experiences with a past dentist. 

Good candidates for sedation dentistry are patients who:

  • Are undergoing multiple procedures at once
  • Are unable to remain still during treatment
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • Have a low pain threshold
  • Have sensitive teeth

Yes! At Parkside Dental Team, the safety and comfort of our patients are our top priorities. Before administering any type of sedation, we review a patient’s medical history to identify any conditions that may increase the risk of complications from sedation, such as sleep apnea. 

Our thoroughly trained dentists and support staff carefully monitor patients throughout treatment. This helps to ensure that their visit with us is safe and stress-free.

Patients who opt for mild sedation with nitrous oxide will notice the effects of the gas wear off quickly, and will be able to drive after treatment.

The effects of oral sedation (pill sedation) are more long-lasting. It’s our strict policy to only release patients who have undergone oral sedation into the care of a family member or friend who can make sure they get home safely.

Although you’ll remain awake during sedation, you should feel completely relaxed and pain-free (though some patients do report feeling pressure). 

Our dentists will also take great care to treat your teeth and gums as conservatively as possible. This allows us to reduce the likelihood that you’ll feel any pain once your sedation has worn off.