Dentures Westland, MI

Frequently Asked Questions

Dentures that fit poorly can be very uncomfortable. Loose dentures can also make it difficult to enjoy your favorite foods, and may also lead to inflammation, infection, and gum disease. If your dentures don’t feel right, please let us know right away. 

The most common cause of loose dentures is gum shrinkage, which is a normal part of the mouth’s adjustment to artificial teeth. Whatever the cause of your ill-fitting dentures, there are many steps we can take to improve the fit, such as relining the base of the dentures so they fit more snugly against your gums.

Unlike traditional dentures that need to be secured with adhesive, implant-supported dentures are anchored by dental implants deep in the jaw. The top 5 benefits our patients enjoy from implant dentures are:

  1. A more comfortable fit
  2. Improved aesthetics
  3. Improved speech
  4. Look and feel more like your natural teeth
  5. Preservation of bone and gum tissue

Dentures are considered a restorative dentistry service, so your dental insurance may cover part of the cost of treatment. At Parkside Dental Team, it is our goal to provide each patient with the highest quality of dental care at a reasonable price, and we never want a patient to forego treatment because cost is a concern. 

We’ll work with you to maximize the benefits of your insurance plan, and help you explore payment and financing options to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile fits into your budget.

Dentures are made from materials that are more porous than natural teeth or mouth tissues, which makes it easy for food to stick to them. It’s important to prevent this food from building up as it can lead to bad breath and bacteria, infecting the gums and soft tissues of the mouth.

The best way to clean dentures is to soak them overnight and brush them daily to prevent odors, staining, and bacteria. When brushing dentures, use a soft-bristled brush and mild soap. Don’t use whitening toothpastes, products with bleach, or very hot water to clean dentures, as this can damage them. 

If your dentures do become stained, please contact us for a professional polishing. In addition to cleaning your dentures, be sure to gently clean your gums at least twice a day.