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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone’s smile is different, which is why we offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry options to help enhance each patient’s unique grin. If you think your teeth look small, or your smile is too “gummy,” you could benefit from crown lengthening. This treatment involves the selective removal of gum tissue to expose more of the surface of teeth.

You may also wish to learn more about porcelain veneers. These are thin shells affixed to the surface of teeth to mask cosmetic flaws like chips, cracks, irregular shape, and more. Of course, teeth whitening is a quick and easy way to brighten any smile. For a more pronounced cosmetic transformation, talk to your dentist about a full smile makeover.

Porcelain veneers fit over the entire front surface of a tooth to hide imperfections, but this level of cosmetic enhancement may not be necessary for all of our patients. For more conservative treatment that still hides chips and cracks, you may consider composite resin tooth bonding.

With Invisalign clear plastic aligners, many of our patients are able to straighten their smiles in comfort and convenience. However, Invisalign may not be suitable for everybody. Ideal candidates for Invisalign are:

  • Committed to the process
  • Able to wear their aligners for up to 22 hours every day
  • Suffering from teeth that are mildly or moderately crooked, misaligned, or crowded 

Patients with more pronounced orthodontic needs may be better-served with traditional braces or other treatment options.

Yes! At Parkside Dental Team, our patients’ health and safety are our top concerns and we’d never recommend a treatment that could jeopardize that. Whether you opt for in-office teeth whitening with Zoom!, or prefer to whiten at home with customized trays, you can feel confident that the outcome will be a beautiful smile that is healthy and strong.

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