What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

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What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning? 700 500 Cosmetic Dentists | Parkside Dental Team

Teeth cleaning Dentists Westland MIWhen’s the last time you scheduled a teeth cleaning with our Westland, MI office? Bi-annual teeth cleanings are important for safeguarding your oral health, but do you know what happens during a cleaning?

Continue reading to learn why it’s important to see one of our dentists for a dental cleaning and oral examination every 6 months and what you can expect during these visits.

What is Included in a Dental Teeth Cleaning?

During your teeth cleaning appointment with us, we will:

  1. Confirm contact information
  2. Check for changes in medical history and dental insurance
  3. Have dental hygienist examine your teeth and gums
  4. Gently scrape away plaque and tartar
  5. Brush teeth with high-powered electric toothbrush
  6. Floss teeth
  7. Have dentist examine your teeth, gums, and potentially x-rays
  8. Schedule your next teeth cleaning appointment 6 months out

Waiting Room

When you come to our office, make your way to the front desk so we’re aware you’ve arrived. Our front desk staff may ask you to confirm your phone number and address to ensure that we have your most current contact information on file. We may also ask you if there have been any changes to your medical history or dental insurance since your last visit with us.

While you wait for your appointment, you can pass the time away by reading our selection of magazines. When the time for your appointment arrives, one of our dental hygienists will call your name and you will follow them to the room where you will receive your teeth cleaning.

Dental Hygienist Examination

Once you are situated, the hygienist will do an initial examination of your teeth and gums to gauge their health. They will use a small mirror to check every nook and cranny of your mouth. If they notice a major issue, they may flag down one of our dentists to determine if you need additional dental care before proceeding.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

Your hygienistwill use a dental tool called a scaler to gently scrape away plaque from the surface of your teeth. This step is important because plaque can develop into tartar, which is harder to remove. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on your teeth and gums, potentially causing bad breath, yellow teeth, gum disease, and tooth decay. Removing built-up plaque and tartar is your best defense against future cavities.


Your hygienist will ask you what flavor toothpaste you prefer before brushing your teeth. We use a special electric toothbrush that helps remove any remaining debris from the previous plaque and tartar removal phase. You will find that the toothpaste has a gritty texture, which is meant to polish your teeth.


The hygienist will floss between your teeth to ensure that all debris is cleared from your smile. Flossing is also a great habit to start if you haven’t been doing it already. We recommend that you floss at least once a day to maintain a healthy smile.


If you’re at the rinsing phase, you’re almost done with your teeth cleaning appointment! After the hygienist rinses your teeth and gums, just sit tight until one of our dentists comes to do the final inspection of your gums and teeth.

Dentist Examination

One of our dentists will provide that last stamp of approval before we send you on your way. They use their knowledge and experience to check your mouth for any issues. If an oral health concern was discovered during the course of your teeth cleaning, one of our dentists will further explain the issue and discuss possible solutions.

Scheduling Your Next Appointment

After your teeth cleaning, you will be prompted to schedule your next appointment with us, which will be 6 months out. It is important to schedule your appointment not a day earlier than this 6-month mark so that your insurance company will cover your future dental cleaning.


At the very end, we will print out your bill and discuss how much your insurance covered and how much you owe us for the teeth cleaning and any other services we provided. Most insurance companies recognize the value of preventive care and will cover most, if not all, of the cost of your dental cleaning.

Our teeth cleaning dentists are accepting new patients! To schedule an appointment with one of our teeth cleaning dentists in Westland MI, call the Parkside Dental Team at (734) 261-6060.